Older people switching to future-proof careers, training firm says

THE cost of living crisis is fuelling a surge in the number of older people switching to future-proof trades careers.
That’s according to industry experts who say they are seeing more people in their 50s opting to pursue roles as plumbers and gas engineers.

20 minute task all homeowners should do today, according to boiler expert

Before the cold weather really takes hold, an expert has recommended that you do a 20-minute task to ensure that everything is in working order so you don’t have to suffer when it’s freezing

The career anyone can get into without a degree that ‘guarantees a job’ – it pays £50k and salaries are rising

A UNIVERSITY degree isn’t everything when it comes to landing a successful job – one “winning” pathway could see you earn £50k a year.

Advances in tech and robotics can make it seem as if manual labour jobs are becoming redundant, but one career is still worth a bet on.


Training firm aims to close skills gap by educating three times more students

Business leader

Managing Director said: “We saw a lot of skilled workers leave the UK after Brexit and this did create a skills shortage in the short term.

“What we are now doing is focusing on creating a skilled labour force that will stand us in good stead in the long term. We’re creating skills for the future.”

Washington office complex transformed into 40 luxurious apartments

BDaily News

Formerly an office complex, the five-floor building has been given a new lease of life as residential accommodation by students working with award-winning training firm Engineering Real Results (ERR).

The project gave the prospective tradesmen and women hands-on experience as part of their NVQ qualifications.

How much do solar panels cost? And are they worth it?

Ideal Home

‘The main issue with solar panels in the UK is the payback time, in other words how long it takes to get your upfront installation costs back against the reduction in your energy bills’, says Gordon, Engineering Real Results.

Three ways to keep your house warm as the cold weather bites… and they’re all totally free

The Sun

A spokesperson from leading trades training firm Engineering Real Results revealed the top three jobs to complete to keep your home toasty.

ERR is helping to fill the big gap in trade skills

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